The single, most powerful tool to boost your business is…

A Game Changing Innovation!

There is really only one, single, powerful force behind all of the baffling success stories, all the trends and dynamics, all of the marketplace dramas . It’s called, quite simply, INNOVATION. Innovation drives businesses in all industries and in every economy on our planet. Innovation is just as important for the bakery around the corner as it is for national energy providers or global consumer products companies.

No matter who you are: If you want to survive and prosper in the ever-more competitive marketplace, your absolute top priority every single day of the year is the relentless search for true innovation.

Sadly enough, our experience shows that 9 out of 10 companies have got the entirely wrong idea about innovation:

  • They define innovation as a regular product upgrade, a simple improvement on what they’ve been doing for years.
  • They rely largely on technological innovation, in the desperate hope that their R&D team will come up with something… eventually.
  • They are content to deploy a “me too” innovation that simply catches up with a real innovation their competitors came up with in the first place.

Let’s agree: none of these approaches represent true innovation. The only real innovation that is worth your time, your effort and financial investment is a “Game Changing Innovation”! Something that has the power to change your business and even transform your category for the next 5, 10 or 15 years. No matter what your competitive position is today – a Game Changing Innovation can transform you into the uncontested market leader. Hard to believe? Fair enough… so let’s start looking at the evidence.

How Game Changing Innovation can give you a truly ‘Impossible Advantage’ over competitors

Game Changing Innovation can dramatically change your odds of success in the competitive powerplay. No matter how big or how small your company is. No matter how huge your market or how tiny your segment is. No matter what category you are in. No matter what the size of your marketing or R&D budgets.

Others have done it under the most desperate market circumstances. And you can, too. Anytime, in any situation. Here are some of the most striking lessons from our ‘impossible’ case histories:

  • A helpless airline on the brink of bankruptcy discovers a Game Changing Innovation and almost overnight is transformed into one of the most powerful players in the European airline industry. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.
  • One man, sitting alone at his desk, drafted a Game Changing Innovation that fundamentally changed the multi-billion dollar food industry for more than 20 years. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.
  • A new firm starting from almost zero enters the broadcast television sector with the help of a Game Changing Innovation and literally forces huge and powerful national players to play by the new, ‘just invented’ rules. This start-up went on against all odds to become the market leader. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.
  • A new player in the animal care market uses Game Changing Innovation to turn the tables on a seemingly invincible market leader who previously controlled over 80% of the market. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.
  • A premium player in the eyeglasses market uses a Game Changing Innovation to escape from a ruthless price war and create a Europe-wide craze for premium optical products. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.
  • A leading player in the pharmaceutical products business thought they had reached the natural limits of growth and market share. But then a Game Changing Innovation helped them to instantly tap into a million-patient new potential that had seemed before virtually impossible to conquer. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.
  • A global player in the logistics industry uses a Game Changing Innovation to renovate an ailing market that seemed on the edge of extinction. Impossible? Read our case study on page xy.

What is it that these extraordinarily diverse case histories have in common? Read the book and learn all about the baffling blueprints behind innovation success. Start today and be the first to apply these lessons in your market.

Bursting the 5 most popular myths about Game Changing Innovation

1st Myth: Game Changing Innovation is invariably based on a technological breakthrough. Totally wrong!

2nd Myth: Game Changing Innovation requires huge financial investment to break through in the marketplace. Typical misconception!

3rd Myth: Game Changing Innovation only works for the market leader. – Nothing but a feeble excuse!

4th Myth: Game Changing Innovation inevitably carries a big risk of failing or even backfiring. – It’s actually safer to be the Game Changer than to leave Game Changing Innovation to your competitors.

5th Myth: Game Changing Innovation usually means abusing monopolistic market power. – This Myth is probably the most off-target of them all.

15 years of research: revealing for the first time the secret laws of Game Changing Innovation

The authors Andreas Buchholz, Ned Wiley, and Wolfram Wördemann have gathered first-hand experience with the best innovating brains and teams at many of the world’s best-known companies:

American Express, Bayer, Citigroup, Danone/Dannon, IBM, Johnson&Johnson, Nestlé, Pfizer, Procter&Gamble, Siemens, T-Mobile, and many more.

Over 15 years, they deeply researched Game Changing Innovation in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical Products, Telecoms, Financial Services, Banking, Fashion, Trade, Energy, (New) Media, Technology, Chemical Industry, and others.

Their consulting projects took them from the U.S. via central Europe to Russia, Africa and Saudi-Arabia, discovering new approaches to innovation, new ideas, and new best practices in all of these very different markets.

And now, 15 years after setting out on this voyage of discovery, they publish for the first time the lessons they learned across all companies, all categories, and all countries. The authors reveal striking insights and an entirely different way of thinking about innovation.

Start today and learn all about Game Changing Innovation:

  • the underlying blueprints (that can be re-applied any time)
  • the secret laws and principles
  • the lessons learned from the world’s best companies
  • the do’s and don’ts
  • the robust mechanisms that help assure success

Apply a new way of thinking that leads you to an entirely different kind of innovation.

Introducing the 4 most effective Game Changing Strategies, proven effective time and time again across markets and geographic boundaries.

The single most ignored truth about groundbreaking innovation is that it invariably starts with a Game Changing Idea. Steve Jobs knows that. So does Dietrich Mateschitz (the inventor of Red Bull). Michael O’Leary, the founding father of European budget airlines, knows about it. And so doesTim O’Reilly, the inventor of “Web 2.0”.

There are many varieties of great minds, but in one important way those great minds think alike. So what does it take to think like Steve Jobs? Do you have to be a genius? Do you have to be a technology nerd? Or do you just have to be lucky enough to have that sudden overnight inspiration?

Forget the myths. Game Changing Innovation emerges from a different kind of thinking, one that anybody can learn and re-apply. It is no more than a mind-opening technique, a proven effective step-by-step approach. That’s why it doesn’t take much more than a plain sheet of paper and a pen. And that’s why YOU can start developing your own Game Changing Innovation on Day ONE after reading the results of our research.

Why 9 out of 10 CEO’s sadly fail as innovators, year after year, market after market.

It’s simply because they insist on the wrong way of thinking – and don’t learn from their mistakes.

Error #1: Innovation is not my responsibility. I delegate the subject to dedicated ‘specialist’ departments.

Error #2: The most important thing is to listen carefully to my end customers and give them the improvements they ask for.

Error #3: The best innovation is based on a technological patent that we can own exclusively.

Error #4: Our technological experts in the research & development department are the best source of new ideas for sustainable innovation.

Error #5: Innovation is a never-ending process of continuously upgrading and improving our product line-ups.

Error #6: It is actually better not to be first with an innovation, but rather to strive to be a “fast follower”.

Why Game Changing is on track to become one of leading Innovation Strategies

While change is a constant in human history, it is clear today that never before has the pace of change been so fast. Businesses come and go. Today’s market leader is relegated to the scrap heap tomorrow. Yesterday’s hero is tomorrow’s has been.

The game is changing everywhere we look with a speed never before witnessed. And not just small elements of the game: winning is no longer a question of a slightly better product formula or more attractive packaging, nor does a clever new promotion ever drive much more than a short term fillip in market share.

What we are witnessing now is nothing less than another revolution in every market place in every country in the world. And a relentless revolution where only the best ideas will survive and prosper.

The good news is anyone can participate in this revolution: regardless of your company’s size or resources. All it takes is a clear and open mind, and the conviction needed to challenge accepted wisdom and conventions.

This book and this blog are aimed to help those people with a will to make a real difference, to really change things. Short on theory, long on practical experience and lessons that can readily be applied, this book is made for people who want to leave their mark on the world.

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