Steve Jobs likes to kill old things: What will the iPad kill?

Daniel Eran Dilger over at RoughlyDrafted Magazine has penned a wildly entertaining and insightful piece about the revolutionary potential of Apple’s new iPad. The article is not only a fun read, it is one of the best articles about technological innovation we have ever read and the best explanation of Steve Jobs’s true brillance at the same time – which is what our book & blog “The Impossible Advantage” are all about. It is no coincidence that the iPad starts shipping on Easter, starting a long rise to Heaven.

Here’s what Daniel says.

Read Jobs’ more personal musings from the early 80s through the 90s and into the last decade, and you get the clear impression that Jobs understands death as a creative force better than most people. For society, culture, and technology to progress, old thinking has to die off to make way for fresh new ideas. People who don’t die are dragged kicking and screaming in the future the way Strom Thurmond panted into the last decade with segregation still ripe on his breath.

Jobs has uniquely, and remarkably, kept pace with radical changes in technology to maintain a position on the progressive front fringe of tech like no other figure in history. Nobody else has been around for nearly 40 years of progress, continuously leading major companies that define how the world works, and with a finger in everything from the enterprise to education to consumer markets.


We could not agree more. It is no coincidence that we dedicated an entire case study in our book “The Impossible Advantage”  to the iPod.

You can read more about our iPod case study here.

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