Why 90% of CEOs fail to innovate (and how you can avoid that trap)

The single most ignored truth about groundbreaking innovation is that it invariably starts with a Game Changing Idea. Steve Jobs knows that. So does Dietrich Mateschitz (the inventor of Red Bull). Michael O’Leary, the European inventor of the budget airlines, knows about it. And Tim O’Reilly, the inventor of the Web 2.0.

Great minds think alike. So what does it take to think like Steve Jobs? Do you have to be a genius? Do you have to be a technological nerd? Do you have to be lucky enough to have that sudden overnight inspiration?

Forget the myths. The Game Changing Innovation emerges from a different kind of thinking, that anybody can learn and re-apply. It’s is no more than a mind-opening technique, a proven effective step-by-step approach. That’s why it does not take much more than a white sheet of paper and a pen. You can start finding your Game Changing Innovation on day ONE after reading the results of our research, be it in the book or in this blog.

So. Why do 9 out of 10 CEO’s sadly fail with their innovation, year after year?

It’s simply because they insist on the wrong way of thinking – and don’t learn from their mistakes.

  • Error #1: Innovation is not my responsibility. I delegate the subject to dedicated ‘specialist’ departments.
  • Error #2: The most important thing is to listen carefully to customers and give them the innovation they are asking for.
  • Error #3: The best innovation is based on a technological patent that we can own exclusively.
  • Error #4: Our technological experts in the research&development department are the most competent originator for sustainable innovation.
  • Error #5: Innovation is a continuous process of upgrading and improving our product lineups.
  • Error #6: If we are not the first with an innovation trend, we should at least be the first follower

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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